I left my other half today

We went our ways. And she and I

No longer had a moment’s time

Before we passed each other by.

I went above and she below.

I thought of her upon the hill

But did not turn and loop to her

To my surprise, she did not chase

When flames of passion died, our love

Was severed like old string. Perhaps

With time unraveled hidden truths

That broke the string that held us close

And yet, that bond that we once shared

Can never fade though it’s been frayed

As we, apart, now walk upon this road called “life”





I met my other half today

I crossed her path, saw eye-to-eye

A moment passed before we passed

Each other by. I went above

And she below. I thought of her

As I descended from the hill.

I turned and looped my way to her

To my surprise, she did the same

We danced upon the summit’s grass,

Embracing, arms entwined and down

The hillside pass we rolled. Perhaps,

Fate tied us into one, or maybe urge

And passion drew us close. For now,

We lie, the knot we tied we carry on

This road we travel on called “life”




I heard your voice. It’s beautiful, like honey on the eardrums

As the flutes and pipers play and frolic while the guitar strums

I’m taken from my empty home into imagination

Just like a train, each stop I make drops me into a new station

From grinding metal, songs of praise, and trumpets blaring loud

To zipping lines from rappers’ mouths and rockers in a crowd

But searching for you in the mass of music in this place

Is tricky, thoughts and memories don’t even give a face

To you, the one I lost so long ago when we still played

We thought we would remain together, but only music stayed

And then it all goes quiet for the playlist’s at its end

It’s time to hit the rewind key. The music starts again.

– theresurreccionofkevin