2017 Feb 02, Thursday


We pray to gods that move the sun

But they shall bend their knees before the One

And even they shall kneel to None

Before the rest, this Fiend was strong

Before the rest fought back and won

– theresurreccionofkevin



2016 08 15


You wouldn’t imagine how my legs trembled and my heart thumped when Goldie wanted to invite me to her place. I nodded so vigorously that I felt dizzy afterwards. Like every hot-blooded young man, I was burning with excitement to spend some alone time with my girlfriend. My first one, in fact.

And somehow, I still can’t figure out why she managed to choose me, the weedy, clumsy, and awkward guy that got dragged into the bar all those weeks ago. Yet when she saw me, she still dared to approach. I still recall that little black dress she wore and the scent of lavender on her neck. But what struck me the most were her long golden curls and her striking golden eyes.

“My parents didn’t spend a lot of time trying to pick a name for me,” she joked. Her giggle was very endearing, and I was feeling hot and flustered all over as we sat together by the bar.

It was only a few days ago that she called up and wanted us to go steady. I thought my heart would leap out of my chest. Every inch of me was on fire at those words. This was the moment I had waited for all my life! No more teasing, no more lonely nights. Of course I said yes.

And here we are, embracing in the dark hallway by the window. She didn’t want the lights on. Made her feel shy, she said. Was it a mole, maybe? Or probably some kind of scar? Bah, I’ll get over it soon enough. I wanted to get to know her now!

I pulled away and fumbled across the darkness for the light switch.

“NO!” she cried, in a voice that seemed much deeper than I remembered.

By the time I turned around, I saw that Goldie did not look like herself anymore. She still wore the same black dress from before, and her golden curls and eyes still shone and she approached. However, she seemed to flicker with each step, and I could hear a resounding thump as she approached. Each time she flickered, I thought I saw something emerge. It seemed like a badly developed photograph.

In her place sometimes stood a being that I can’t really describe. It looked heavy but also translucent. It was massive, yet could hide in Goldie’s petite frame. Something about it seemed off. A voice in my head was screaming that I had to run, but I froze.

No, I stood firm. She was just stomping towards me because I turned the lights on. I guess my eyes were playing tricks on me since we were in the dark for a while.

“I’m sorry, Goldie,” I said sheepishly. “Will you forgive me?”

Goldie wrapped both of her arms around me. I felt another arm encircle my back. Yet another went between my legs and one more caught my ankles. Boy, her hands sure moved fast! They gripped me as tight as the tentacles of an octopus!

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I’ll forgive you if you let me kiss you.”

Her face came into view. Her golden eyes seemed to glow. They were hypnotic. She definitely had that charm of a foreigner, of an alien coming to visit our place. How lucky was I to see those eyes up close.

I gulped as her flickering face inched closer to mine. Once in a while I saw a gaping maw with dozens of teeth flash before my eyes before her pretty face returned. I really need to take a break from staying up so late watching movies with the lights off. All those monsters keep popping up. Goldie’s no monster, she’s an ordinary woman! My first girlfriend, in fact!

As I felt something firm clamp down on my forehead and chin when our lips made contact, I swore to make her my last girlfriend as well.

This is true bliss.

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