I’m pounding on the glass that doesn’t give

Like on your door that never opens up

Despite the hours spent on hitting, kicking, tearing up

I feel like tearing up this wall like sheets

Of paper like the bills it took from me

Each payday paid to play and pray

With lights above my head, so thankful for the bread I eat

And money left to buy these treats denied to me

Denied, like nights I cried when you were gone

Beyond the door I passed before with you

And waiting for the turn of knobs and creaking locks

While waiting for a drop of letters, maybe notes

But now I’m waiting for the drop of candy bars

Upon the metal floor, something sweet to treat

This present hunger in my gut. But,

This hunger in my heart can wait.



Is there a need to knead?

To mold and shape a loaf

From lazy, loafing dough?

Like lazy layabouts

And nutty ne’er-do-wells

Perhaps too late for them

To learn to earn their bread

Instead, we bake and make

The freshest bread and cake

We kneel and knead and plead

We bleed for them to change

Their stale and half-baked ways

For spoiled and rotten bread

Gets thrown out on its head


The seasons pass, like seasoning

On raw and tasteless reasoning

With reason, splashes, dashes, pinch

Of dressing on a dish, a dress

Like pretty words upon a page

Or fresh plucked flowers on a face

All done in good taste. Flavor speaks

To me. Each bite I savor long

And slow. I long for bygone days

And seasons past that flavor thoughts

And memories that never die

– theresurreccionofkevin



Feb 4 2015

Sigh 1

I exhale now

In one large sigh

As though the world

Constricts my chest

Though I’m not old

Or saddled with

The problems that

The others face

I sigh and heave

My soul to light

And breathe it back

To weigh it down 

But once again
Sigh 2

The world at times constricts my chest

And heaving, I release a sigh

My soul pours out, weighed down by gloom

And left to air with sun and wind

I take it back with one quick breath

To weigh it down with gloom again

A sponge for sadness, wrung each day 

– theresurreccionofkevin 


2016 Dec 15, Thursday


To summarize my father’s latest lesson: 

– Hone your tools. Take time to rest, to sharpen your axe. Step away but make sure to come back, invigorated and improved. 

– Learn to challenge yourself. Whether you are retired or have a lot of work, boredom can be found anywhere. Mix things up, do things differently, and face the challenge. Challenges can help as much as they hurt. We can survive longer if we think of them in the first category than the second. 

After all, it is only with constant pressure and struggle that bread is able to be molded. And it is only with enough rest that it rises. 

Rise and shine, my little bread rolls.

– theresurreccionofkevin

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