2017 Mar 13, Monday


When stars that sparkle in the night

Have grown as many as the sands

The Starmaw comes to feast on them

For Vorus hates the light

– theresurreccionofkevin


This character was inspired by Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger from League of Legends. But instead of a dragon that can create stars, I thought of a hellhound that lives to eat them. 

After overdosing on Mobile Legends and the League of Legends lore on TVTropes, I think a lot of characters in my head are better suited for a MOBA than a fighting game. 


Mordecai Swaine: Dead Man’s Hand

2016 08 19

Mordecai Swaine: Dead Man’s Hand

When you play against Mordecai Swaine, you bet your life he’ll play for keeps. It’s never high noon in the land of the dead.

I have been thinking of making a skeletal gunslinger for a long time now. Maybe when I have more space and sleep I can draw the whole body. And yes, I based his head from Ghost Rider and his name from Jericho Swain of League of Legends. The name really rolls off the tongue. Thank you TVTropes.