Is there a need to knead?

To mold and shape a loaf

From lazy, loafing dough?

Like lazy layabouts

And nutty ne’er-do-wells

Perhaps too late for them

To learn to earn their bread

Instead, we bake and make

The freshest bread and cake

We kneel and knead and plead

We bleed for them to change

Their stale and half-baked ways

For spoiled and rotten bread

Gets thrown out on its head



Conjuring smoky snakes

With cigarette in hand

I sigh, I breathe, with breath

Shall slither silver life

This coiling, snaking shape

That slips between the space

Between the clouds, this place

Above my heart, below

The soul of morning glow

That fades this smoke, this shroud

Away it goes like stars

These constellations, guides

Upon the cruelest night

That bow to mighty day


Go leave your burdens at the door

Relieve and breathe, unclothe yourself

Of sorrow and of pain, no words

Of anger and of rage, no blows

In malice thrown and struck. Cast off

These things, reminders of a day

Now at its end. Let restless thoughts

Now find their peace. And you shall find

Some hope and rest and peace with me


Of this regret is nothing left

Forgotten like the tears on panes

Of glass. The morning springs a new

Beginning with the dew. The pain, 

Like spiny grass upon bare feet

That serves to tingle and remind

Of darker times from previous nights. 

I might remember feats that bare 

My soul, once darkened, now made whole

Renewed, unburdened by what’s left. 


The seasons pass, like seasoning

On raw and tasteless reasoning

With reason, splashes, dashes, pinch

Of dressing on a dish, a dress

Like pretty words upon a page

Or fresh plucked flowers on a face

All done in good taste. Flavor speaks

To me. Each bite I savor long

And slow. I long for bygone days

And seasons past that flavor thoughts

And memories that never die

– theresurreccionofkevin


2017 Mar 13, Monday


When stars that sparkle in the night

Have grown as many as the sands

The Starmaw comes to feast on them

For Vorus hates the light

– theresurreccionofkevin


This character was inspired by Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger from League of Legends. But instead of a dragon that can create stars, I thought of a hellhound that lives to eat them. 

After overdosing on Mobile Legends and the League of Legends lore on TVTropes, I think a lot of characters in my head are better suited for a MOBA than a fighting game.