I’m searching for some condiments

Elusive taste that complements

A craving like for compliments

For someone lacking confidence

I’d like to send my condolence

To stomachs lacking common sense

This flavor breaks the old defense

Offends the mind, it helps dispense

The shroud once built of false pretense

And life returns, to once again commence

– theresurreccionofkevin



This road divides us, you and I

The lights that flicker green to red

A signal, like a lighthouse rock

Upon the distant shore. I swore

I saw you calling, drawing light

Into my eyes, so tired of the bright

And glaring sight. Ignoring you,

I wanted only rest and sleep.

Your thankless duty did you keep

Until the signal dimmed at last

And tiny stars did cross my sight

Along with night. And I embrace

My cold and bitter cross. My loss,

Because I did not cross.


2017 Mar 13, Monday


When stars that sparkle in the night

Have grown as many as the sands

The Starmaw comes to feast on them

For Vorus hates the light

– theresurreccionofkevin


This character was inspired by Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger from League of Legends. But instead of a dragon that can create stars, I thought of a hellhound that lives to eat them. 

After overdosing on Mobile Legends and the League of Legends lore on TVTropes, I think a lot of characters in my head are better suited for a MOBA than a fighting game.