Just like a drop of coffee in a pot

It spends its birth with form outstretched

A yearning, longing to be free

From home. With weight and gravity

It learns and leans and wrenches free

Alive at last, it plummets to its end.

Perfected in a moment’s time

And living in a moment’s time

But in a moment’s time, is gone



I’ve wandered far from home. I hear

The gentle sound of splashing waves

Entice me like a mother’s song

A lonely river lies between the trees

I dip my aching feet into the waves

The cold stings needlepoints

Into my skin. And yet, the fire cools

And numbness grows. I welcome this,

This comfort from the aches and pains

I dragged with me all day. And yet,

Another ache emerges from the cold

Not from the body, from the heart

The morning breeze sends chills through me

And memories of warmth, of home,

Of hope. A pang of hunger shakes my bones

I stand, I lace my boots and go

The world is cold and warmth is gold

And all the gold is nothing next to home.

– theresurreccionofkevin


Put down your worries and your cares

Put down your anger and your rage

That eats your heart and tears the page

You wrote, of fondest memories and hopes

Put down the book, put down the pen

There’s no time left to think,

And when the final hour strikes its echoed song

It’s time to leave. This time it ends.

– theresurreccionofkevin

KEVIN READS STUFF: Archaic Torso of Apollo by Rainer Maria Rilke

I chose this poem because I learned it back in college. I think it was in Philosophy. I think it was something about phenomenology, or about human experience. The lessons are not as clear now as they were before, but the memory of this poem still stays. I hope you enjoy.

KEVIN READS: Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

A friend of mine once suggested that I record my voice as I was reading stuff. It’s not Goldilocks and the Three Bears like he wanted, but it’s a start.

I chose Desiderata because I used to hear it on the radio. My father also introduced the poem to me when I was younger. I only realized its value recently. I hope that this readinng was able to give it some justice.