2017 Jan 1, Sunday


2016 was a difficult year for all of us. As individuals, families, nations. But as the old year dies in flames, a new one rises from the ashes. It is a time for change, for improvement, for resolution. 

My only resolution is this: There is so much pain and suffering in this world. Small as I am, I cannot move it from its axis in the hope it turns for the better. But I will do my best to make the world a better place with what little time I have. 

Let’s start with myself, then. That sounds like a good plan.

– theresurreccionofkevin

#kjwrite #kjart #newyear #resolution #newyearsresolution #purpose #dream #hope #reasontohope #fireworks #bye2016 #hello2017 #selfimprovement #gettingbetter


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