2016 Dec 29, Thursday


A tree can give so much. But when everyone has had their share, nothing remains of the tree’s former glory. A soul that gives too much is stretched too thin. And when the body and spirit tears, the pieces are tossed away like so much trash. 

It is foolish for me to think that I could help everyone. A creature has limits to its capabilities. Caring too much, I realize, is just as dangerous as caring too little or none at all. 

Perhaps what I should seek on the path of enlightenment is emptiness, for lack of a better term. It is similar to the Daoist concept of wu wei or the Zen Buddhist concept of mu. Both terms (again, I run the risk of oversimplifying so correct me if I’m wrong) talk about being unburdened of opinion, of knowledge. 

I can’t force the world to bend to my will anymore than an ant can stop the ocean. In the same manner, I can’t go into every endeavor with the hope of succeeding and leave it with any regret. That is too much of a burden to face each day. What happens happens. 

Let nature take its course, and refuse to remain stagnant like a stump. For what is life but a constant challenge to grow, like a sprout in an empty plain?

– theresurreccionofkevin

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