2016 Dec 22, Thursday


[Long post below]

When Doctor Taker, Dream Stealer is on the field, remove target creature and two lands from play and place in the graveyard. 

Enough with the trading card game language. I have no idea even if I used the right words. 

But in all fairness, I have lately become fascinated with mental powers. All the super heroes get the physical-related powers. But I think there is an interesting challenge when the protagonist is given mental-based powers. I am not talking about telekinesis here, but things like memory manipulation. 

I bring that power specifically because of a Facebook game I played years ago where I could get a superpower at random. I got memory manipulation, and I seethed in anger. My friends got super strength or other cool stuff. But with the years I have come to respect the power of holding a person’s memories hostage, especially in dreams. 

The only problem is the ethical consequences. It is easy to root for a hero that can punch out iron-skinned conquerors. But it’s harder to root for someone who can reduce the strongest enemy to a sobbing mess. Even they have bad memories to exploit, and physical training does little to defend against it. 

The question I now ask of you is how to make things interesting when a protagonist has memory manipulation powers. How could one avoid the moral hangups and keep the narrative interesting?

– theresurreccionofkevin

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