2016 Nov 26, Saturday


For far too long I’ve railed

Against the world and its untold

And broken stories, tales regaled

In hearts and hearths for years

Have spun their strings and sewn their seams

Together, we have hopes and fears

Old, I cling upon a rail as if a cane

Guided by the ancient dreams

Now lost like love that wanes

What sparked my soul is bathed in tears

Lost, without the rails and tracks

Of younger days to guide me back

The end is near like points of spears

Sharpened tongues that jeer

The old are leaving on their final ride

To nowhere, out of sight just like the tide

– theresurreccionofkevin

The last train home for all we held dear. Our loves, our lives, and all our fears. To age is to see oneself pushed towards the tracks by what is new. But we will rail and fight. For what is living without standing like a sign in the desert, proclaiming to the stars that we are here?

– theresurreccionofkevin


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