2016 Nov 10, Thursday


Perhaps one night you’ll dream of us

Of all the little butterflies you made

The parts of you that sprouted

From the shattered glass of you

The faces that you wore before

The masks you ripped apart and hid

Now buried in the lonely tomb

That bears your name within its frame

Please dream of us as we do you

For we were you as you now are

Growing up is sacrifice. Money, time, affection, and so many others are surrendered in the pursuit of happiness. But what of the self? How much of a person has to be sacrificed to become more efficient, more effective? What happens to the parts that are deemed unnecessary by the world?

I only want to reclaim those parts of myself that have been hidden for so long. They are as much a part of my growth as any other thing. We can only grow through acceptance, not denial, of our true selves, I believe. 
– theresurreccionofkevin


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