2016 Nov 8, Tuesday


A discussion with someone at work last Friday helped me understand how differently we think. Using the image of Sisyphus (the king cursed by the Olympian gods to roll a boulder up a hill upon his death, only for it to always tumble back to earth in the end), I will demonstrate what I mean. 
I would be glad to have budged the boulder an inch, maybe halfway up the mountain. This person would only be satisfied when they reach the summit. Better yet, only when they find a way to prevent the boulder from tumbling will they be satisfied. 
I am a small steps thinker. Every small victory counts. They are an example of some who always considers the bigger picture. Never tiring, never resting, not until the goal is reached. Each way of thinking, like all things, has its good and bad points. As I continue to grow, and hopefully mature, I hope to master when to use each method of thinking in my dealings with others. But like Sisyphus in my drawing, it is time for me to rest. 

– theresurreccionofkevin


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