2016 Oct 30, Sunday


The monster decided to clean up its act and return home to its adopted family. A wonderful tale of heartbreak, hope, and a helluva lot of drool. 

– theresurreccionofkevin 


Excerpts from the Random Journal: A Different Kind of Cleaning

2016 Oct 30, Sunday

Excerpts from the Random Journal: A Different Kind of Cleaning

Sitting around waiting for the laundry to finish makes one think. Sure there may be forgotten words and other errors. But the best part of writing is when the mind and the hand are left free to compose. The edits should always be reserved for when the creation is complete. 

– theresurreccionofkevin 


2016 Oct 23, Sunday

Pull the Hood Down

Because it’s always hard to say goodbye

We always have the urge to cry

Escaping places makes us die

A little life left behind is why
We always come and go in life

To places we will leave behind

A little scarred, and little worn

But wounds are patched again with time

And hope that coming back another time

Will make us whole again



2016 Oct 21, Friday


As long as noodles take to cook

As long as matches can be fought

As long as people have to live

Without the air they need to breathe

A lot can happen in that time
A hundred eighty beats

In hearts that fight for life each day

Who gets to eat?

Who gets to win?

Who gets to live?

We need to change the way we hink

A moment’s time is not as short

As what we think it is

– theresurreccionofkevin 

Inspired by watching noodles boil for breakfast


2016 Oct 20, Friday


I will carry you again

Believe me when I say

That all the world is but a step

So long as you are smiling at the end

But first, let me rest myself

To carry you and all your weight,

The burdens that you bear within

I gladly do with all my strength

But I have limits too
– theresurreccionofkevin