The Bandit That Stole Her Heart

2016 08 24

The Bandit That Stole Her Heart

The wheels whirred while the machine flashed its lights and played its songs. It was a signal that someone took a chance at the generous prize the casino offered. She had been taling that chance for hours now and still nothing to show for it. 

It had been a long time since she last heard the alarms and the endless tinkle of coins when she hit the jackpot. It had become a goal, an obsession, something to look forward to each day. 

It had been months since she was able to pay off her boyfriend’s medical bills with the prize money, but her love for the one-armed bandit proved stronger than the man who shared her bed at night. Like all things, she did what she had to do out of need, then out of want, and then out of desire.

She had spent the last of her money on that last spin. Still nothing. She made a mental note to ask for some more from her boyfriend in the morning. If he said no, she knew where he hid his secret stash. He could live without some of his maintenance medicine anyway. This was her drug, and she needed it more. 


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