The End of Yet Another Chapter


2016 08 08

The End of Yet Another Chapter

“So this is it, huh?” asked Drake.

I could only nod back in reply.

Drake hung his head. “Ever since I first met you, I knew that it would come to this.” Raising his head, I could see his lips twitching as he forced a smile. “But I don’t mind. It’s how things are.”

I nodded back, trying to hide my tears.

Seeing my distress, Drake reached out to me. He was described to have long, well-muscled arms that always held his lovers close, but even he could not reach me. “Please don’t cry,” he pleaded. “I’ll always be here. If ever you come by once again, we can pick up right where we left off.”

This was unbearable. I slammed the cover of the book shut. Cursing myself, I threw the book against the door of my room. It landed with a resounding thud on the plywood floor. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I can’t believe that I fell for another fictional character. It was always like that. Memories of my time with Jorrek Dorrn the mage, Sadim the wise prince, John Seraph the fallen angel, among so many others, flooded my thoughts. I had fallen for all of them at one time. And each time I had to close the book on them.

I got up and picked up the book. I tenderly placed it back in the bookshelf among the other dusty volumes. All my lovers lay entombed in their leather-bound coffins. Perhaps some day I will return and fall in love again. In the meantime, I want to mourn the end of yet another chapter in my life.

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