I’ve suffered for my dedication

It’s a bleeding complication

Like an old, abandoned station

Made for radio waves or trains

All stationed in a blank location

A limbo, it’s so dark you can’t go

No one can leave without the say so

Of sickos running round to play, though

I wonder why I never change. Oh,

The tiny light, it burns. It goes and grows

An aching hunger for the bright glow

And I know that if I chose I’d try to fly.

Though these sickened people

Come to lie low, to die broke, and all alone

And someone has to stay and help close

Their frozen eyes for when they must go

To brighter places than this limbo

– SenriKevMeister



Burn some stress, so come press

And compress the abscess.

That unblessed, unaddressed

Unsolved mess. More or less

Unmeasured pressure. Yes,

Obsessive pleasure. Guess

The rest is best undressed.

One treasure passed the test.

All the rest, I must confess

Is best suppressed. Impress

Those secrets for success

And all the rest comes next.

– SenriKevMeister


My mom and dad once promised me,

They said I was a prodigy

And I found that this old prophecy

Like the primest piece of property

Grew in value as it prospered. These

Beliefs I had, they fueled up my philosophy

It ballooned just like my belly boomed

That was breaking my biology

But it burst up like a business bubble breaking the economy

And now I’m broken like a promissory

Note and old apologies

And the only one to fix it all, the job just falls to me

– SenriKevMeister


I cannot help if my head’s porous

But all it leads to is a chorus

Of venom flowing from the mouths

That form a bleeding river from the crowds

That I embrace, absorb in me

In hopes that it could set them free

And free they are, but not my mind

That overflows with thoughts unkind

It’s time to give my head a squeeze.

I welcome pain. It’s better than to freeze.

– SenriKevMeister


Nobody ever tried to hear me as I’m spinning a line

And printing a rhyme for even less than winning a dime

And for all the time spending as the world keeps on spinning

Nobody bothered looking for me from the beginning

But now they’re honored cooking for me now that I’m winning

Because I’m hungry for some game

Like the game that keeps on giving

And whenever I’m playing I’m always less forgiving

So just keep chilling on the bleachers that keep filling

Because now I’m the teacher and I’ve got knowledge spilling

Ding-a-ling, bell’s ringing, now start the page turning,

Start singing, ‘cause we’re taking it from the beginning


– SenriKevMeister


I know these haters. They just want attention

They’re all craving for that honorable mention

To stand tall and proud, erect. Shun

‘Em all. These pretenders, I’m done with all

Their toxic trash and all the balls

They made me drop. But this here’s my spot

And when you play with me you’re gonna court

Danger. So step on up to the hard court, stranger

I’d wager that you’ve never been a Major

League player. And when I’m mad I’m a rampager

Running loops all around you or shooting hoops

That astound you and maybe I’ll confound you

As I’m catching every rebound. Hear that sound?

The crowd’s cheering for me as I bound

They’re drowning you and crowned me too

Because to them I’m the king who always stays ahead

And you’re but a clown that just lost their head.

– SenriKevMeister